Windsor Joins the World Wide Rally for Freedom, Sept 18th @2PM

Windsor With the World III
Windsor With the World III

Windsor will join the “World Wide Rally for Freedom” for the third time this Saturday, September 18th, at 2PM, near the Great Canadian Flag on Windsor Riverfront.

(Come early, at 12 noon, for the First Responders’ Silent Stand-Up.)

At 2PM will have speakers from the People’s Party of Canada (both Victor Green and Matt Giancola are expected), as well as job sector leaders who are assisting the collective and legal effort to defend medical privacy and oppose illegal firings.

Employers have no right to suspend, fire, or lay-off employees for not providing proof of having been injected with the experimental and dangerous ‘covid-19 vaccine.’

Windsor is organizing fast and will defend itself from this medical tyranny.

Once our speakers have spoken, we will have a protest sign contest with a prize bag, which includes stickers, back-issues of Druthers (including the very first issue), a copy of ‘The Brave: Courage During Covid,’ and a $10 bill, on which is printed a recognition of our equal human rights as guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

For a shot at the prize, bring your best protest sign, with your best message, and bold, visible, clear lettering.

Once the contest winner is recognized and the prize is awarded, we will all march up the incline beside the grassy area, then take Riverside Drive to Ouellette Avenue. We will march up Ouellette Avenue to the Health Unit and back down Ouellette again to return to our starting position. If there is interest and time to do so, we may have an open mic session once we return to our ‘home base.’

Join us!

Windsor With the World Wide Rally for Freedom

Welcome to Windsor: The Fighting Spirit of Ontario

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  1. Amanda Budinsky Reply

    Do you have a coubt of how many of the first responders that will be there? Will any of them be speaking at the rally afterwards? I heard a rumour that the entire police force is walking off the job to be at your event the silent stand up. Also one last question have you considered traveling Canada to bring your message? You’re bigger than Chris sky and could convert more people

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