Windsor Will Stand Behind First Responders on September 18th at Noon

Update: We did it! See the coverage of the First Responders Silent Stand-Up here.

Windsor EMS, police, firefighters, EMS

At noon on Saturday, September 18th, Windsor-Essex area first responders (firefighters, police, EMS, nurses, doctors, correctional officers, and more) will stand near the Great Canadian Flag for an hour in silence, in defense of medical privacy in their employment sector and all employment sectors.

Everyone is invited to stand behind Windsor first responders in support during this silent one-hour protest.

Wearing blue or black will help create a unified presentation.

Join us in the grassy area with the stage, a short walk west of the Great Canadian Flag itself.

This is a respectful and family friendly event.

Families are specially invited to attend with their children. Children are the future, and will be honoured.

Then, stay nearby for the second event: the Windsor With the World protest at 2PM, in which Windsor joins the World Wide Rally for Freedom, with speakers, a sign contest, and a march.

No employer has a right to access employees’ private medical information, nor does an employer have a right to terminate employees for their covid-19 vaccination status.

Join the Facebook Event here. Please join the event and invite many. On social media, please share this webpage and the event flyer (below) to get the word out. Please also tell family and friends, especially anyone linked to Windsor first responders: Police, Firefighters, EMS, doctors, and nurses.

Windsor Ontario First Responders Stand for Medical Privacy

Welcome to Windsor: The Fighting Spirit of Ontario

7 comments on “Windsor Will Stand Behind First Responders on September 18th at Noon”

  1. Bob Reply

    A person has neither the “freedom” nor the “right” to be in public while they are possibly infected with covid-19 or its variant(s). You do not have the right to give me, or anyone else, a disease that potentially can, and in fact does KILL people. You need to stop being so selfish; stop treating this as an “about me only” event. You must also consider your fellow human beings. This is not about you. It includes me too!
    If you cannot support the idea that you should help yourself, and all of us, to beat this killer, then stay home. If you will not get vaccinated, then you should not be allowed to step one foot into a public space. Ever.
    I certainly stand behind first responders, and anyone else who is helping others get through this. I do not however, respect anyone who is so willfully ready to contribute to the potential deaths of so many others.
    I cannot support you at this protest. Further, I ask that anyone attending do everything they can to not infect others; not only at this protest, but anywhere, at all times. I also hope this is not too much to ask (although I would guess that you think it is).
    Good luck.

    • Peter lewis Reply

      I have empathy for you. You oviously truly believe unv acinated people are the problem. People tgat dont social distance are the problem with spread. Including vaccinated because the vaccine doesnt work apparently. Apparently you can still get sick an infect others. But apparently you still think getting a vaccine is the solution to all your problems. I hope yoy are right but i cant find any sense at all in your statement.

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  3. jon Reply

    to bob,

    as im sure you are aware,as you seem to have ALL the up to date information on covid related news, covid vaccinated individuals can contract and spread covid. therefore,by your own admission, YOU have no rifht EVER being in public as you can spread this killer disease.

  4. Bud Reply

    “A person has neither the “freedom” nor the “right” to be in public while they are possibly infected with covid-19 or its variant(s).”

    Seems like you don’t know what freedom and rights are. Go get educated before you open your Nazi mouth.

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