Windsor REALLY Rocked the Riverfront with Chris Sky!

Chris Sky speaks before a crowd of 2,000 at Windsor Riverfront – August 28th, 2021

Two thousand people came to the Great Canadian Flag to listen to Chris and other speakers, and waited extra hours in spite of the 40-degree heat. What an amazing day.

Police delayed Chris’s drive down to Windsor with some strange and convoluted highway shenanigans, and it was a serious team effort to keep everyone safely hydrated as we waited. Many thanks to the volunteers who selflessly, and without accepting reimbursement, brought cases and cases of free bottles of water for our attendees. Many thanks also to everyone who donated to the Windsor freedom movement that day.

Unfortunately, due to both the heat and the time needed for so many people to meet Chris and get some merch signed after his speech, we were unable to safely and representatively march down Ouellette Avenue to the Health Unit as planned. We’ll have to make this up with a huge future march.

Windsor proved its strength through teamwork. Collected media — photos and videos — speak for themselves. Yet still on top of that, Chris left Windsor singing our praises widely. In Collingwood the next day, he described Windsor as “The Fighting Spirit of Ontario;” and later on the Patrick King podcast (27 minutes in @link), he said that the Windsor protest was “My favourite rally I’ve ever done.” WOW!

Here’s Gary White’s awesome coverage of the rally. Chris arrives at about 31 minutes in:

And here’s a great closer-up video of Chris’s speech. And here’s another angle.

Photography by Brad Berglund:

Legacy Media Coverage:

Windsor Star | CTV | AM800

AM800 made unsubstantiated accusations of bigoted heckling.

It was a pleasant surprise to find that the Windsor Star published this quote: The vaccine passport is about imposing a social credit system, just like in China,” Soulliere said, explaining that a social credit system involves, “very, very close personal tracking of everyone in the population.

New music video. Welcome to Windsor: The Fighting Spirit of Ontario

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