Windsor mosque exempt from gathering limits?

A local mosque has over a hundred cars without issue, yet other denominations and their leaders are targeted by by-law and other enforcement, including famously Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who was carried into a police vehicle by his feet and hands after having been stopped on a highway.

While, like Beth below, I believe everything should be opened, it is hard not to notice the blatant hypocrisy, especially in an area where our own Medical Officer of Health infamously broke ‘the rules’ and attended a wedding party.

Beth writes,

Let me preface this with-EVERYTHING SHOULD BE OPEN and that I personally, do not find anything wrong with this but, over ONE HUNDRED vehicles with multiplepeople inside each one leaving the Windsor Mosque right now. According to Windsor-Essex County HEALTH UNIT this is a massive public health emergency and a danger to all of Windsor Essex residents health and safety. Mayor Drew Dilkens , your health unit says they can’t do anything and call the Police. The Windsor Police said that this is not a priority 1 risk as they are dealing with actual life and death situations. I thought this WAS a life and death situation and why we have businesses locked down and Pastors being arrested for services held outside. Are we not in a health pandemic anymore and we ALL can do this? Are we going to see certain places of worship functioning like this and allowed to do so while others faiths are discriminated against? Are YOU Mayor Drew Dilkens going to allow continued enforcements of FINES against your business owners when they breech capacity trying to keep themselves and their families fed? AM800 CKLWCBC WindsorWindsor Star Are you going to start showing the full reality of this hypocrisy to Windsor Essex or continue to just show the narrative that Public Health is telling you to? Either this gathering is unsafe and illegal or we can all do it PERIOD. This is a democracy, not rules for thee and not for me.”

“Police officer called and said there is not much they can do when they get there and people are gone and they always have a counter that shows exactly the number of people they are allowed to have. They said they are not going to go into an ongoing service, just two of them, and start counting when they are all present, which I felt understandable. They said we need to find a way for our voices to be heard by our local MP and Mayor in that riding as well as demand someone further up in the Police Force get involved. They agreed that if one group can do it, all should be able to and that they do not feel it is right or fair that while businesses get fined for being a few people over, they know others are lying and have been told exactly what to say to avoid any fines whatsoever to date. So what do we do? Mayor Drew Dilkens What are you going to do to insure that your business owners, graduating young adults, Catholic Churches etc. be granted the same privileges or if breaking the public health rules is truly a danger to the community-how are you going to keep everyone safe?”

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