Windsor healthcare workers oppose coerced injections

On Sept 29, Windsor healthcare workers and supporters stood near Met hospital, speaking out against coerced injections.

Suspended healthcare workers’ signs read, “Let us help care for Windsor,” and “Stop the mandate. My body my choice.”

On Wednesday September 29th, Windsor Ontario healthcare workers and supporters stood across the street from Met hospital to visibly and vocally oppose coerced injections in their workplaces. Medical injections must not be a condition of employment.

Legacy media news coverage by CTV can be found here. And be sure to visit a key Facebook group: Windsor/Essex Citizens & Businesses against Discrimination.

First responders on the job, including a truck full of firefighters as well as an ambulance, drove by honking, bleeping and waving in support.

Healthcare workers who value the importance of consent to treatment and informed consent are the exact healthcare workers we need most. And yet, over 150 healthcare workers in Windsor have been placed on unpaid leave (very arguably constituting constructive dismissal) for declining a government- and workplace-coerced, experimental medical injection.

Has the world gone mad?

Well, not all of it!

Signs in support of medical privacy for healthcare workers read, “Freedom of choice and medical privacy,” “Heroes stand with heroes,” “Coercion is not consent,” and “Medical freedom.” With a cameo by DRUTHERS newspaper!
“Let us serve our community,” “Nurses are humans too,” “We need our nurses.”
“CEO [David Musyj] does not support unvaxxed staff – UNFAIR,” “Fighting for Medical Freedom.”
“Willing to work. My body my choice. I call my own shots!” | “Equality for the unvaccinated.”

Click here for upcoming rallies and other events.

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