Windsor gym owner follows rules, is punished anyway

Luis Mendez, owner of two True Fitness locations in Windsor
Luis Mendez, owner of two True Fitness locations in Windsor.

A Windsor gym owner has been presented with a court summons despite transparent attempts to adhere to the ‘Reopening Ontario Act.’

Ford’s ‘Reopening Ontario Act’ was recently amended to allow sports & rec facilities to open to people with disabilities. Luis Mendez, owner of two True Fitness locations in Windsor, opened his gyms specifically for people who can present medical notes in keeping with this amendment. He received a court summons anyway, for allegedly failing to comply with the Act. Now the Windsor gym owner is stuck paying for legal representation to defend himself.

Mendez writes,

“We have gyms in other municipalities working under the same disability act but yet I’m being charged under mine? Would you believe that the actual bylaw officer that issued the summons had my direct number and didn’t even call me to investigate the matter before charging me!

“Over the last month I have had 4 Fire Inspectors show up at my facilites to investigate due to ppl calling and complaining. Smh! The Fire Inspectors that I dealt with were completely clueless and unaware of the legislation i was working under. I had to explain it ALL to them. I had one even trespass and threatened my staff and members with fines until I put him straight. Why these fire Inspectors reports were not taken into consideration before charging me is beyond me. Why make me go through this uncessary process? We have enough shit to deal with.”

The bigger picture:

Following Covid-19 mandates will not help us. The Ontario government and its enforcers are not cooperating with the people.

When governments enact draconian and oft-changing mandates, this is what happens: in addition to the abusiveness of the measures themselves (no one should need a medical note to use a gym in the first place), enforcement of those measures becomes inconsistent. It’s hard for enforcers to keep up-to-date with the rules, and when they have so much power with little oversight, their personal biases are more likely to influence their decisions.

In the end, tyrants and their enforces don’t apply their rules equally. This makes the rules unpredictable, which makes them impossible to follow, which enables enforces to blindside people with punitive measures at random, which prevents anyone having meaningful control over their own lives. As this goes on, learned helplessness sets in among the population. Then depression, and drug abuse.

The way out of this mess is peaceful disobedience. Ontarians must choose to live and work normally.

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  1. Rob Schneider Reply

    If you’re going to attempt being a reporter you may want to brush up on your grammar

  2. Derek Chauvin is a Hero Reply

    Why haven’t you toured like Chris Sky or Kelly Wolfe yet? Shouldn’t you be bringing your message nationwide?

  3. Henry Hildebrandt for Premiere Reply

    I don’t understand what the game is that they’re playing now. The covid cases keep dropping and they say it’s because of the poison they’re injecting and they plan on opening soon but we know that they’ll never give up control so what are your thoughts about what’s actually really going on?

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