Welcome to Windsor: The Fighting Spirit of Ontario

We’re not going away!

I was so inspired by the turnout for Chris Sky’s appearance on August 28th that my cup ran over, and I had to make a music video for Windsor’s protests just to digest the experiences of the last year. The moment I came across this song -‘I Will Not Be Leaving Quietly’ by Five Times August (thanks Tim) — I knew it was the one.

So here we have it: a summary of the first chapter of Windsor’s fight for freedom, ongoing since before September 2020.

It’s been an incredible year.

I have developed strong friendships with more people this year than in the previous 36 years of my life combined. I am so thankful for all of you.

If you find you weren’t included in this video, I’m sorry. I tried really hard not to leave anyone out. Likely the issue is a matter of lacking the needed footage. It’s crazy how many times I wanted to include a clip, and then realized the ‘clip’ was really just my own memories. I also had to leave a ton of great stuff on the cutting room floor, just because it didn’t fit the tone or space.

We’ll win this war together. Winter is coming and we’ll be OK. Hang in there Windsor — you kick ass.

<3 Currie

Welcome to Windsor: The Fighting Spirit of Ontario!

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      For sure! Facebook was removing links to standupwindsor as ‘spam’ when the site was new, but surprisingly this seems to have stopped happening.

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