Weekly in Windsor:

Join us every Saturday under the Great Canadian Flag at Ouellette and Riverside.

The Windsor Freedom Rally assembles weekly, and has been engaging in demonstrations since October 2020. We hold speeches, then we march to end lockdowns, medical coercion, school and church closures, gathering limits, and other abusive Covid-19 restrictions. Join us every Saturday!

Participants are free to wear masks if they like. A mask is quite a conversation piece!

11 comments on “Weekly in Windsor:”

  1. GetA Life Reply

    What an utter waste of time. None of you, right across Canada, have accomplished a thing. Nothing. Lots of fines and charges, broken friendships and families, lost jobs and careers, delayed reopenings because of you, police costs, division, etc.

    Holy f, when do you give up? Pretty soon, you won’t have a choice.

    • ben weigl Reply

      if your wearing a mask, social distancing or vaccinated why care if someone is not vaccinated, arnt you protected.

    • Currie Reply

      I don’t think we’ve been delivering to outhouses, but please post your address here and we’ll try to skip you. 😛

      • Doesn’t Matter Reply

        So now you want my address to skip it …. Yeah right….after you said you you do not deliver to houses.

        Nice try to get where I live.

        • Currie Reply

          lol. I’m not actually asking you to post your address publicly on the internet. I’m kidding.
          I’ve never said we do not deliver to houses. I also have no way of preventing delivery to yours.

    • ben weigl Reply

      what is the group wrong about, and can you provide links that prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the group is wrong

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