Windsor will rally all day at Devonshire Mall on Nov 25, to prevent children being subjected to the unnecessary and dangerous covid injection.

Location: Along Howard Ave in front of Devonshire Mall.

First shift: 8am to 12noon.

Second shift: 12noon to 4pm.

Attend the shift/s that you can!

Chris Sky is building our momentum, supporting Windsor from the other side of the country:

Children do not die from Covid-19. Children will die from the covid injection.

Myocarditis is permanent heart damage. There is no such thing as mild myocarditis. Myocarditis is a deadly, life-altering, incurable disability.

Windsor parents are about to assist the state in killing their children. Windsor parents are about to mistakenly set their children up for state murder. The state knows these shots are unnecessary and deadly. The state is pushing and coercing anyway. Those culpable must be confronted. They must be stopped. The best way to do that is to simply not allow them to inject your child.

It is time to get loud. It is time to be direct. It is time to debate, to stand up, to call out for children to be protected from a dangerous injection which, if medical ethics had the reins, would be BANNED from injection into all adults and children.

It is time to reconsider what it means to be “pro-choice” vs “anti-vax.”

Should parents be free to choose to inject their children with a substance that is far more likely to seriously harm them than help them?

No, they shouldn’t. This injection should be taken off the market, like all other medicines and products found to be so dangerous. This injection should not be available. It must be banned. The people enforcing its administration, and administering it, must face criminal charges.

What does this graph mean to you?

How much more information do you need to see before you understand that injecting children with this substance is not worth the risk? It’s a rhetorical question, and yet not. Add your opinion, your concern, your criticism, and/or your demand for specific evidence, to the comments. Your comment will be approved and addressed.

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Currie manages StandUpWindsor.ca, and is involved in consistent action against medical tyranny in Windsor. She is also the Founder and Managing Director of the Mothers' Aid Society of Canada, a fledgling non-profit she recently created to protect mothers and their babies from obstetric violence.
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      You’ll have to be more specific. When he generates thousands of attendees, the people are speaking for themselves.

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