Sept 18th: Windsor stood with first responders for medical privacy, then rallied with the world for freedom!

(Just before the rally was set to begin, police started to block nearby parking — and then they refrained. Awesome!
See: facebook post & youtube mirror.)

Part 1: First Responders Stand Up in Silence for Medical Privacy

At noon, hundreds of people joined the First Reponders Silent Stand-Up For Medical Privacy.

Photo credit: Alin Patularu
Photo credit: Bob Bellacicco / CTV News

Windsor showed its appreciation for first responders, and our shared respect for the right to medical privacy, with a massive banner reading, “WE STAND STRONG – WE STAND UNITED – WE STAND FOR CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOM.”

Photo credit: Alin Patularu

Alin sent his drone up and got some great footage:

Windsor First Reponders are united in non-compliance. Windsor Regional Hospital staff’s injection refusal rate (or medical privacy defense rate) is quite newsworthy. Via CBC, as of September 22: 172 Windsor, Ont., hospital staff suspended without pay for not getting COVID-19 shots.

These health and medical employees are putting their livelihoods on the line to defend not just themselves, but to defend all of us — our right to medical privacy, and our right to accept medical treatment only when free of coercion. These brave men and women are holding the line in united non-compliance, and Windsor is deeply grateful to them.

Part 2: Windsor With the World Wide Rally for Freedom

After the silent Stand-Up, we were left with a great turnout and some free time before the official 2PM start of the Windsor With the World Rally.

Freedom-friendly Windsorites, ready to be a part of the World Wide Rally for Freedom. (Photo credit: Alin Patularu.)

Rob played us some Beatles tunes.

Winton, er, ‘Doug Ford’ led a game of “Premiere May I?” with the crowd.

Then, having learned the song on short notice, Rob covered ‘I Will Not Be Leaving Quietly,’ by Five Times August. Nice! Will this become Windsor’s freedom anthem?

video by Currie

We stocked the information tent with bundles of Druthers newspapers and two important hand-outs:

First, the Notice of Liability for Employers Demanding Covid-19 Vaccination. Derek had just finished writing it that morning (and has now tidied up some typos).

Secondly, we shared copies of Chris Sky’s ‘We Do Not Discriminate‘ door sign for businesses, from

We ran out of everything fast and did our best to restock. Fortunately both items are available at the links above. We will also have copies with us in future weeks.

Alin led the crowd in chanting “WE STAND FREE!”

Speeches officially opened with PPC candidate Victor Green (Windsor-Tecumseh riding):

Windsor-Tecumseh PPC candidate Victor Green speaks at the Great Canadian Flag in Windsor Ontario, Sept 18th 2021
Selections from Victor Green’s appearance at the Flag, Sept 18 2021

PPC candidate Matthew Giancola spoke for his riding, Windsor-West.

Windsor West PPC candidate Matthew Giancola speaks at the Great Canadian Flag in Windsor Ontario, Sept 18th 2021

Catherine Diodati, author of ‘Immunization: History, Ethics, Law and Health,’ and who has spoken often on her expertise in this area, spoke this time on the importance of voting in the election. While politicians can’t be expected to be saviours, and we all must stand strong defending ourselves as individuals, elected representatives are a tool in the effort to resist tyranny.

Sara, an area teacher, spoke on steps teachers are taking to organize to protect themselves and their students from coercion. Dave, an area health care worker, spoke on similar steps being taken to resist coerced injections in his field, and encouraged everyone to stay strong and stay spiritual. If you would like to get in touch with either of them, fill out the contact form and your message will be forwarded to them.

Finally, Currie spoke on the efforts she and Derek have made to unearth apparent voter suppression in Windsor. Was Mayor Drew Dilkens the source of the order to discriminate against mask exempt voters during advance polling in Windsor? It’s a question worth asking and investigating. Currie encouraged everyone to stand their ground to vote equally, if confronted by polling staff for being mask exempt.

Then, the sign contest!

Winton chose his three favourite signs: “Pass on Passports,” “Coercion is not Consent,” and “Over my dead body!” The winner chosen by cheers: “Over my dead body.” The winner received a Stand Up Windsor prize bag full of goodies, including the first issue of Druthers newspaper and other back issues, a $10 bill with text recognizing equal rights and freedom from discrimination, and a copy of “The Brave: Courage During Covid.

Gary White’s coverage of the Windsor With the World rally

The March

Chanting “We Stand Free,” “No Vax Passports,” “No More Lockdowns,” and “Leave our Kids Alone,” our freedom fighters marched up Ouellette Ave to the Health Unit and back again. Some of us — Vince, Melissa (and more?) — approached businesses along the way, encouraging them to display Chris Sky’s “We do not discriminate” door sign. Go team!

Video by Gary White

Photos by Aaron Charron:

Photos by Ben:

A resounding ‘thank you’ to all participants!

Not just the coordinaters, organizers, performers, money-minders, photographers and speakers, but every person who made a sign, wore a t-shirt, donated a tip, cheered, chanted and marched for medical privacy and freedom. You are the fighting spirit of Ontario.

Those of you declining the injection despite ‘vax passport’ coercion: you are the control group in this criminal experiment, and your health in the coming months will stand to show the truth about the tyranny that our nation has been subjected to.

Keep up that fighting spirit, Windsor. We will win!

See you next Saturday and every Saturday at 2PM, just west of the Great Canadian Flag at the foot of Ouellette on Windsor Riverfront.


Windsor protests medical tyranny at the Great Canadian Flag every Saturday at 2PM
Windsor opposes medical tyranny at the Great Canadian Flag every Saturday at 2PM

12 comments on “Sept 18th: Windsor stood with first responders for medical privacy, then rallied with the world for freedom!”

  1. Kayla Reply

    If you would have been our local PPC candidate you would have won in a landslide. You really should consider getting into politics and change the system from within. You’re the hero our country needs

    • Currie Reply

      This comment is so positive I half-suspect it’s a hater being sarcastic!

      Our people definitely should consider getting more directly politically active. 😉

  2. Pingback: Windsor Will Stand Behind First Responders on September 18th at Noon - Stand Up Windsor

  3. Freedom Reply

    Hey I figured you would be the one person that would know but how do we get around the OHRC saying vaccine mandates/passports don’t violate our rights because they’re for “the greater good.” Is there a way to sue them or defeat their ruling in court?

    • Currie Reply

      Spoke with Derek. Here’s the story as I understand it. The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) is taking their instructions from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) on the vaxpass (and denying exemptions), despite this violating human rights as expressed in the Charter, the Health Care Consent Act, etc. The key: complaints aren’t filed with the OHRC, but rather the OHRT – Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. So one could file a human rights complaint against the OHRC and CPSO through the OHRT.

      • Time to visit parliament Reply

        You can’t because the OHRT follows the directives of the OHRC. If the OHRC says something is allowed then the OHRT goes along with that. The OHRT is just the judicial branch of the OHRC it’s like the government makes the laws but the courts uphold them based on what the government said was law

        • Currie Reply

          But if it’s really analogous to government it can’t be that simple. The government can pass laws but there are illegal ways to attempt to do that, and governments and politicians can break laws. That’s what we’re going through right now on the whole.

          • Clarity

            A complaint under the Human Rights Code (HRC) is filed with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO). The HRTO is an administrative tribunal. Their authority is limited by statute. They do not have the power to decide whether HRC directives are correct, “constitutional” etc. The HRTO does not have jurisdiction to hear applications on Charter grounds or order Charter remedies. They do, however, have the power to make rules governing their own practice and procedure in interpreting and applying the HRC.

            If someone makes a complaint under the HRC to the HRTO and it is dismissed, the complainant may request reconsideration or file an application for Judicial Review or Notice of Appeal before at the Divisional Court (Ontario).

            All this is to say that the process begins with a complaint to the HRTO. The complainant must demonstrate that their rights were infringed, to the satisfaction of the Tribunal. If the complaint is dismissed, then a court of competent jurisdiction can decide whether the HRTO’s decision was correct / fair, and whether the Code was interpreted properly, in light of other Legislation.

  4. Valerie Reply

    Sorry I don’t understand why you would support them after you called them a priest class that abuses their authority and how all these doctors and nurses were ok with giving other people the jab but when it came to them they knew how dangerous it was so they want to abstain. It’s like backing the nazis if they refused to go into the gas chambers they shoved the jews in. These people deserve what they get they’re sociopaths and have killed hundreds of thousands with this so called vaccine

    • Currie Reply

      That there is an elevated class of people generally abusing their power does not mean every individual in that elevated class is equally guilty, especially not of the worst crimes. When speaking individually about this problem, people are on a ethical spectrum; and when dealing with the problem in general, that means enforcing laws (and sometimes changing them to maintain consistency with human rights), and modifying policies to keep them consistent with law and human rights as well.

      I see no reason to believe that the doctors and nurses who stood on Sept 18th are the same doctors and nurses who abuse patients.

  5. Craig Turner Reply

    Completely lost all respect for you because you stand up for the people you’ve condemned (doctors) that have been willfully giving the jab to people yet when they say it’s too dangerous for them you’re right by their side. Fuck you hypocrite

    • Currie Reply

      I don’t condemn doctors as a class. Human rights are universal. It is not hypocritical of me to defend the human rights of individuals who might otherwise be doing wrong or doing harm. Justice isn’t about revenge, disavowals or condemnations; justice is about uniting to achieve the spread of truth and defense of human rights.

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