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Notice of Liability for Employers Demanding Covid-19 Vaccination: If your employer has threatened you with consequences of any kind for your private medical decision about the covid-19 vaccination, this letter will inform them of their responsibilities, and the consequences they may face for engaging in coercion.

Legal mask exemption letters offered through ADJ Law: “First come first serve basis. We have put together the ‘Legal Exemption Letter’ program to help the many people who are exempt from the general masking requirement but are still facing difficulty accessing basic and essential services or obtaining reasonable accommodations in the workplace and places of business open to the public. If you are interested in obtaining the letter for the above-noted reasons from the office of a licensed lawyer in Ontario, please feel free to send an email request to”


Coming soon:
– The ‘It’ List – the ‘good’ guys!
– The ‘Unfit’ List – the ‘bad’ guys!
– Ivermectin, HCQ, and other treatments explained
– The full, evidenced case against masking and masking mandates
– Vax facts
– Best documentaries
– How to deal with summons/tickets related to the Reopening Ontario Act
– How covid measures violate the Charter, Bill of Rights, Constitution and Health Care Consent Act
– The Great Reset explained
– Why is everyone talking about Bill Gates?
– The pointlessness of lockdowns explained
– PCR testing explained

– More!

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