‘I DO NOT CONSENT’ temporary tattoos give kids and parents a voice

These temporary tattoos send a clear message.

We know children are not meaningfully at risk of covid death. We know moneyed powers are working hard to inject them anyway.

We know these moneyed powers don’t care about consent, nor mounting evidence of severe side effects — that’s why politicians and bureaucrats are telling breadwinners across the country to get injected or starve.

And now they’re coming for the kids in their schools.

Caring community leaders and parents Sherri Jones, Kelly Lausch-Baxter and Patsy Copus are sharing temporary tattoos for kids to wear directly on their potential injection sites, so nurses and Health Unit operatives know to think twice before violating a family’s non-consent when they visit Windsor schools.

The message is clear: “I DO NOT CONSENT.”

The legal reality has been clear for a long time: an injection administered without consent is criminal assault.

“Shots in arms”? How about “Tattoos on arms.” Get your tattoos here:

Contact Sherri Jones on Facebook.

Join the “I Do Not Consent” Facebook group for updates.

Send your query through the StandUpWindsor contact form, and your message will be forwarded to the tattoo creators.

This mission has a story:

Read the full story here: “I DO NOT CONSENT” groups for parents in Ontario.

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