Here’s what happened when I went to a Windsor Staples

Here’s what happened when I went to a Windsor Staples

I was falsely arrested for trespassing at a Windsor Staples because I defended my mask exemption from a vexatious manager. Windsor Police intimidated, manhandled, incarcerated, and ticketed me. They did this despite the law, despite the manager’s overt bigotry, and despite the notice posted on the store’s door stating that Staples respects exemptions.

Staples @ 2550 Ouellette Avenue in Windsor, Ontario

The following occurred at the Staples at 2550 Ouellette Avenue in Windsor, Ontario, on Tuesday July 6, 2021, at roughly 4:00pm.

My husband and I went to Staples for a few binders, a paper cutter, crayons for our kiddo. We put Kiddo in the shopping cart seat. An employee asked us if we had masks. We told him we are exempt from masking, and he left us alone.

A minute later, the manager appeared: a larger, tall black man in a red shirt, with his identity hidden by a mask. (I was later told his name is Steve.) He told us that masking was mandatory in the store. We informed him that we are exempt, by law. He said, “The store has a mandate that you have to wear a mask.” I let him know that what he has is a store policy, not a mandate, and that our exemptions are upheld the mask bylaw and by the OHRC. I told him that he is not above the law.

Manager Steve threatened to call the police. I said that was fine, and continued shopping. My husband pulled up the relevant legal information on his phone: the OHRC list of protected grounds (which includes disability and creed), the Ontario mask mandate (which states that proof of medical exemption is not required, and that anyone exempt as per the OHRC is not required to mask), as well as the Trespass to Property Act (which states that trespass applies to “Every person who is not acting under a right or authority conferred by law”).

We shopped, armed with proof that we could not be legally charged with trespassing for being mask exempt, because our exemptions are a right conferred by law.

As we approached the till, we found a single police officer speaking with the manager. I unloaded my items from the cart onto the counter at the till, while my husband spoke with the officer. My husband demonstrated and explained our exemption rights, as shown at the links above.

My memory of the following conflict is clear on the whole, but fuzzy about the chronology of conversational details, because the police took the argument around in irrational circles for a long time.

The manager refused to serve me. Another officer arrived. I discussed the situation with that officer, explaining my rights to him. I could hear my husband getting exasperated in the background, because the other officer was not properly recognizing the law as shown.

However, it seems at least one officer didn’t have his ears closed. He asked me quietly if I had any cash. I said I did not. He asked if I had a tap card. My husband did have a tap card. The officer offered to take our purchases, ring them up himself, pay with our tap card, and bring the items outside to us, if we agreed to leave the store immediately. My husband and I both agreed eagerly to this compromise.

The manager, however, refused. “I called you guys to help me, not them,” he said to the officers.

“They’re not your goons, man,” said my husband.

The manager refused to cooperate.

I pointed out that this was a clear example of ideological and health discrimination, and a power trip. Clearly this manager wanted to overpower us, even punish us for our non-compliance, to the extent of refusing service to a masked and compliant police officer just because that officer was assisting a mask exempt customer. This was not about health or safety, because if it was, he would have accepted the opportunity to have us leave the store.

The officers continued to obstruct my rights. My basic argument, which I repeated many times to officers, was as follows:

I am exempt from masking. I have both a medical/health exemption, and a creed exemption, and so I have a right to be served. The Ontario mask mandate recognizes exemptions and recognizes OHRC protected grounds. OHRC protected grounds include health/disability, and creed. My medical/disability/health exemption is private. My creed exemption is my Buddhist Vipassana spirituality. The Trespass to Property Act does not apply if the reason for denial of service is an OHRC protected ground, and only applies to those ‘not acting under a right or authority conferred by law.’ Licensed businesses are required to accommodate people with disabilities, including the mask exempt, up to the point of the accommodation effort creating an undue burden. Showing my face puts no burden on the business, and is therefore it is my right to shop in person. Making me shop online is not acceptable accommodation, any more than it would be acceptable to make a person shop online for having a seeing-eye dog, or for being of a particular race or religion. I will not be treated as a second class citizen for my health status or for my creed.

Don’t miss: Seven Myths of Mask Exemptions.
A vital summary of mask exemption law in Ontario.
Available as a printable flyer.

Officers argued repeatedly that the manager was the king of the business, and could kick me out for whatever reason he wanted. This is false. The business has a business licence, and included in that licence is a requirement to obey the law and abide by the OHRC.

“I’m asking you nicely,” said one of the officers to me, many many times. This was completely absurd. I was standing up to a rights violation. You can’t violate someone’s rights, with implicit threat of force at that, “nicely.” I eventually used a historical analogy: if Rosa Parks had been asked ‘nicely’ to move to the back of the bus, does that mean she should have done so? The officer replied, “That wasn’t in Canada. And it was how many decades ago? It was a long time ago.” I asked him why it mattered what country Rosa lived in. I asked him where he got the idea that our human rights can expire. He didn’t have an answer for me.

I wish I had asked the officer how he would respond if the manager said, “Remove her because she’s white. I don’t want a white person in this store.”

Officers tried to shame me for how much their intimidation was upsetting my son, as if it was my fault. Eventually, I had my husband take our Kiddo out to the car, while I stayed behind to stand my ground and argue with six (six!) Windsor Police officers.

Officers told me I should be taking up my issue with Staples head office, rather than by standing my ground. They wanted me to take it up with the courts, take it up with review boards, take it up by filing a human rights complaint. I told them that the system is corrupt and overwhelmed right now, populated with biased, bigoted and propagandized people. I told them about how ineffective review boards are, not to mention the pre-enquette process. Review boards (like the OIPRD and CPSO) do not ensure justice; rather, they shield corrupt bodies from justice by confounding investigations of systemic infractions and prosecuting only the lowest hanging fruit, the most obvious offenders.

Bottom line: when the system doesn’t work, you have to stand your ground in person. “I am not leaving without my purchases. Why don’t you argue with the manager, instead of ganging up on me? Why don’t you tell him about my rights and convince him to do the right thing?”

“Because he won’t budge,” said the police.

“I won’t budge either,” I said. “And I’m the one in the right.”

An officer then claimed that the manager just plain wanted me out of the store, regardless of my rights, because the incident was causing a scene. I reminded everyone that the ones discriminating against me were causing the scene. The manager was causing a scene by refusing the police’s deescalation attempt, keeping me in the store, and the police were causing a scene by intimidating me in violation of my clearly proven rights. I said that this is clearly still discrimination for my exemption. A “scene” resulting from an attempt to violate my rights was not my responsibility.

The manager decided to ring up my purchases after all, standing right next to me — but he had no intent to sell them to me. No, he was ringing them through to get the SKUs and write them down on a piece of paper so I could find them and order them online. I told them that no, I will not shop online, these are my purchases, I want them now, and I will buy them here.

“Use your phone to buy them,” said an officer.

“I don’t have a phone. I hate the things. Why do you think I’m not filming all of this right now?”

“Your husband has a phone,” said the officer. “Use his phone.”

I’m not familiar with touchscreen phones. I don’t use them. I will not be made to rely on my husband to do my shopping for me, like a second class citizen, or be punished or discriminated against in any way, for my mask exemption.

An officer asked my name. I gave it in full without hesitation. He asked for ID. I said I didn’t have any. I had nothing on me, no purse, no wallet, no pockets. I was in a strapless dress with no bra and no makeup. I had only gone there to get a couple stationery items. I was not expecting to be noticed.

“How are we supposed to confirm your identity?” said the officer, as if I had done something wrong by not carrying identification.

“I don’t know, my reputation? The police know who I am now. I’m in your system. I have a bunch of summons for protesting against covid measures at the riverfront every Saturday.” (2PM at the Great Canadian Flag!)

Police did not push the issue further. They seemed satisfied with my answer.

Eventually, one of the officers offered me a choice: “You can choose to leave, or you can choose to be charged with trespassing.”

“I choose to have these items sold to me in this store right now. I am not trespassing. I am within my rights.”

Officers handcuffed me and told me I was being arrested for trespassing. I refused to leave voluntarily. Officers dragged me from the store by the upper arms.

Outside, I waited in handcuffs. My husband waited by the car in the parking lot, watching Kiddo, too far away for me to talk to him without shouting. Sherri, a legal contact and a generally kickass lady, arrived in response to my husband’s phone call. She and and my husband took some pictures, including the one above, and this one:


The officer standing with me asked me if I had a driver’s licence. I said I don’t have one (I don’t drive), and that I would have shared my passport if I had that on me. Doing so would have been above and beyond what was required of me, as giving my name is sufficient identity confirmation.

I learned later that, during this time, an officer approached my husband in the parking lot, and told him a falsehood: he claimed that I was refusing to identify myself.

I was told that the arrest was for trespassing. I never refused to confirm my identity. I was never directly accused of refusing to confirm my identity.

Prisoner transport arrived. The officer standing with me read my rights and showed them to me from his little pad. I was patted down lightly by a female officer, and sat in the back of the transport, which was basically like being inside a narrow tin can with a bench. No seatbelts. A hard slam on the brakes might have broken my nose. I talked to the camera in the corner about how silly this was, and sang a song, because singing is what prizners do right? The acoustics were okay.

In the parking area at the police station, the female officer led me from the vehicle to the elevator. I talked to her about the covid scandal being used as a vector to impose communism in Canada and elsewhere. I described extremely low covid death rate. She told me she had an elder relative who died, related to covid. I mentioned the elder abuse in care facilities, how some were left to die of neglect, and how covid is put on death certificates without establishing it as an actual cause of death, massively inflating the death statistics. She said, “You know more about this than I do.” I invited her to research the issues. As an enforcer, she has an ethical responsibility to understand the basis of the enforcement.

At the intake area of the police station, I was taken to the counter and the officers behind it retrieved a mask for me.

This was scary. I was a handcuffed prisoner, defenseless. Did they not know why I was there? I said that I am exempt, I would not wear a mask. The taller officer behind the counter said that the would not make me wear it. His tone suggested that he thought I was overreacting. I told him about Australia last year — the way police were forcing masks on handcuffed protesters. I had reason to be concerned.

The shorter, or at least wider, officer sitting behind the counter told me with pride, “I wear a mask because I’m forced to. And I do it gladly!”

Shocked and intrigued, I asked him, “Do you always accept force gladly?”


“Well I don’t.”

“And look where it got you!”

This officer’s proud, gleeful demonstration of his slave mentality left me speechless. This is authoritarianism. This is the engine of tyranny. Weaker people submit themselves to the scheme, investing their sovereignty in exchange for perceived power granted by higher authorities in that scheme, and gladly conflate that borrowed power with justice. And then they feel okay doing anything to you. Anything they’re told. Anything at all.

He’ll see where my resistance got me. What it got me is an opportunity to establish the legal precedent that Buddhism (and/or mindfulness meditation practice on the whole) is a basis of creed exemption.

This same officer asked me a series of questions about my identity and address. I answered readily, and he took me at my word, without asking for ID. He then asked me covid screening questions. I answered readily. Then he said, “Now this officer is going to take your temperature.”

I told him no. I do not consent to this.

The officer to my left did not turn the temperature gun away from me. No one verbally acknowledged my withheld consent. My memory is that the officer with the temperature gun moved toward me, as did the female officer. I repeated that I do not consent to any medical treatment, and backed away. I perceived I was being followed. I backed away further. I turned and moved away to stay out of range of the temperature gun.

The officers then grabbed me by the arms, dragged me to the counter, and pinned me there roughly with my arms behind my back, while I called out repeatedly that I did not consent to any treatment.

One of the pinning officers, who held the temperature gun, scoffed at the idea that temperature taking is treatment. I referred to the Health Care Consent Act, and and as soon as I named the Act, I was laughed at, as if the law is not the law. I continued, explaining that the Health Care Consent Act describes testing as treatment, and temperature taking is a medical test. I clarified the crux of the matter: “It’s none of your business what my temperature is.”

The taller officer said something close to, “Relax, we’re not going to do it.”

They may already have done it. The officer with the temp gun, pinning me, was not within my view.

I stopped resisting immediately. I said, “I wish you had told me sooner.”

The taller officer said, “You’re in custody right now. You can’t just run away,” or words to that effect.

I said, “When it’s time to fight, I fight. It’s not like I was planning an escape.” I simply did not consent to unwanted treatment and sought to defend myself by distancing myself from the violation.

(It was around this time that I was physically released by the pinning officers. I honestly do not remember whether the handcuffs were removed before or after the temperature incident, not that it makes any difference in terms of coercion. I expect to obtain footage of the incident. I am waiting on a call back from Windsor Police at time of writing.)

Though I have had difficulty acknowledging it, the above incident was very traumatic for me. A main reason I am involved in activism, and knew to question coerced masking from the beginning, is because I was subjected to significant trauma when I was assaulted, numerous times, by medical staff, who forced unwanted and unnecessary treatment, and other physical actions, during the birth of my son in 2019. I had already done a lot of research into medical consent just before the covid scandal began. I had already extensively relived extremely traumatic abuse that I had experienced at the hands of medical workers. This experience of police attempting to force unwanted medical treatment while physically pinning me is not something I will easily forget. I have already caught myself reliving this incident more repeatedly and vividly than necessary.

I advised the officer with the temperature gun to look up the OHRC. He declined. I asked him, “Don’t you want to know the law?” He said that he was not interested.

I was taken to a cell. I chilled out there. Officers visited briefly to show me my trespassing ticket. They left. I chilled more. Eventually I had to use the lavatory. I knocked on my cell door, with two questions in mind: “May please have some toilet paper?” and “On what basis am I being held here, anyway?”

The taller officer from earlier arrived at my cell. When I asked for TP, he offered to release me instead. Great! He escorted me back to the intake counter, and attempted to ‘explain’ my $65 ticket to me. He thought he would ‘explain’ to me that this ticket has nothing to do with my rights, and a store can expel me for absolutely whatever reason they like: “If they wanted to remove you for being rude to their staff, they can do that.”

“Being rude to staff is not an OHRC-protected ground,” I said.

“I’m using what’s called a ‘hypothetical’ right now,” he said. “Do you know what that is?”


“Yes, I know what a hypothetical is, and I’m engaging with it,” I said. “With all due respect sir, you’re the one who needs to be educated. Look up the law. Look up the OHRC. I was defending my rights. This is not a legal arrest. I was not trespassing.” (See: Police Services Act. Specifically: this part.)

The officer told me that I had no right to return to Staples. After some back-and-forth, I added that I would do my own research about whether I had a right to go back to Staples. The officer then told me that he believed I would go back to Staples, and escorted me back to my cell in apparent retribution for asserting that I would think for myself.

About 15 minutes later, he came back to get me. It was nearing 8pm, he said. Shift change. He didn’t want to have to pass me on to the next shift. He began telling me more falsehoods about my rights. I raised my hand and waited to speak. When he called on me, I asked him, “So why do you wear you mask below your nose?”

“What difference does it make to you?” he said.

“I’m just wondering what you think about the rules,” I said.

A few sentences-implying-I-have-no-rights-later, he put his mask up over his nose.

I was given my ticket in a plastic envelope, and escorted down the stairs and out of the police station.

Dawn and another were outside waiting for me. I sprinted at Dawn with a surprise hug. I was so happy to see her. She told me that a few others had been waiting too but weren’t able to stay. (I’m not naming them in case they’re concerned about privacy.) Thank you so much to everyone who came to show support, and showed support online, and contacted Staples about this. You are amazing and you fill me with luv and carebears.

A wild Justin Galps appeared in the parking garage across the street! He ran down for a scoop:

The legal process of challenging the ticket is already underway. I intend to pursue all viable avenues of recourse and restitution for the way I was treated by this Windsor Staples and by Windsor Police.

Don’t miss: Seven Myths of Mask Exemptions.
A vital summary of mask exemption law in Ontario.
Available as a printable flyer.

Edit July 18, 2021. — Unfortunately, I have had to IP ban a commenter for making repeated comments containing nothing but invasive personal abuse.
I can take criticism. I can take a few personal jabs. I will not tolerate obsessive hatred. I would prefer the comment sections at StandUpWindsor to be worth reading.

About the author

Currie manages, and is involved in consistent action against medical tyranny in Windsor. She is also the Founder and Managing Director of the Mothers' Aid Society of Canada, a fledgling non-profit she recently created to protect mothers and their babies from obstetric violence.
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71 comments on “Here’s what happened when I went to a Windsor Staples”

  1. ben Reply

    I think you and your husband should reach out to and see if they will interview you about the incident , and also see if they would interview
    Darryl Burrell’s incident with Windsor court services

    i have passed along the videos to ,but i think it would be best for you to reach out to them
    people need to know the discriminations against the mask exempt in Windsor Ontario and o feel it needs to be reported on

    • Sarah burd Reply

      As a retail employee. I see both side of this situation, but I am on the side of the manager. At the end of the day he has the right to reduce service to any customer he chooses. This women was not wrong in her argument she was in the right to not wear her mask, but she should understand that sometimes she won’t be serviced because people don’t have to if they think it is a risk to there personal safety.

      • Currie Reply

        Your claim that the manager has the right to refuse service to any customer he chooses is incorrect. This is explained clearly in the post, in the comments, and in the linked “Seven myths of mask exemptions” flyer. As a retail employee, please do your due diligence, read closely, and alter your opinion to reflect legal and ethical reality.

  2. Currie Reply

    Yes, agreed Ben. I’m in touch with Rebel News because they’re helping me fight my summonses for protesting, and they do know about this. We’ll see what happens!

    I’ve seen the video of Darryl’s incident. Crazy that it happened the same day! Yesterday I reached out to the courthouse requesting a copy of this “mask exemption form” that they’re asking people to fill out. I’d like to see what information they’re asking for on it. Still waiting for the courthouse to get back to me about that.

      • Currie Reply

        No. I compared the officer to someone who would have “nicely” asked Rosa Parks to move to the back of the bus, to demonstrate how meaningless it is for a person to do their discriminatory bullying “nicely.”

  3. ben weigl Reply

    good to hear that rebel news is aware of the incident and helping you guys with the fines, illl stay tuned, and pray for speedy justice for everyone in the same type of predicaments,

    thanks to all at the protests for fighting for our freedoms

  4. Currie Reply

    You and the rest of your lunatics need to be locked away forever.
    It’s your fault that we’ve been stuck in this situation for as long as we have.

      • Jay Reply

        I guess you were overdue for some media attention. Luckily, they ignore you. Next time, spare us the details about your poor personal hygiene. We dont care what you are wearing (or not wearing).

  5. Dawn Reply

    I am proud of you Currie! Keep fighting for your rights and ours, I am here for you if you need me!

  6. Pia Buckingham Reply

    Your grandiosity is egregious and your need for attention is appalling. You should focus your efforts on doing something that actually benefits society.. The fact that you have to manufacture a disability speaks to your sad life. The day is nearly here when you will completely fade back into oblivion but for now, the vast majority of society realizes that you’ve already begun the descent to obscurity. Redeem yourself, Currie. There will come a day when your son will hang his head in shame when he learns of your ilk..

  7. I'll pass Reply

    It’s amusing that you choose to say that vispanna forbids you from wearing a mask when actual visapanna mediation centers across the country have required mask usage. I hope you realize that when you file a human rights complaint you actually have to have proof that creed/medical reasons are why you can’t wear a mask and vispanna isn’t going to work so I really hope your GP will testify on your behalf

    • Currie Reply

      Vipassana centers are not Vipassana itself. This is not hard to understand.
      I intend, and am fully able, to demonstrate for any hearing that Vipassana — more accurately, meditation involving the free-flowing breath — is a valid basis of creed exemption.
      I do not need a GP to testify about a creed exemption, or a health exemption. I am not a second class citizen.

  8. George Floyd Reply

    Hi yes you’ve mentioned before that you’re not racist even though comments/memes you’ve posted suggest otherwise so I’m curious as to why you felt the need to mention that the store manager was black

    • Currie Reply

      I mentioned his race for two reasons. One, because I think it is possible that his discrimination was at least in part motivated by a racial bias against me, and two, because it gave context to when I later mentioned that I wished I had asked one of the officers how he would have responded if the manager told him to remove me from the store because I am white.

          • Chad

            What a surprise, a well known shit disturber causes a public scene so she can get attention. You say you can take criticism, yet you have proven that false in everything I have seen from you. Please get professional help. This is not about thr vaccine. If you don’t want to, don’t. That is your choice. But please stop harassing those that made the choice for health and live in reality. This poor manager of a corporate runner business had to enforce the rules to keep his employees healthy as per the Health and Safety act and all you do is harass and borderline assault people. This past year I have ignored every bit of your ignorance, despite popping up everywhere with nonsense. Freedom works both ways. You do not have a free “earth pass” that lets you do anything you want. I’m not sure if you are deliberate with your shocking lack of awareness in the world, or if there is a mental illness causing your delusions. Please get help for yourself and for your family. For everyone else, this is not about vaccinations, it is a call to stop encouraging harmful behavior and promoting mental health services so people like her stop attacking innocent people who do not want to get caught up in her drama and agenda.

          • Currie

            > What a surprise, a well known shit disturber causes a public scene

            Lie. The manager discriminating against me, and the police facilitating that discrimination, caused the scene.

            Those who don’t want their shit disturbed should stop smearing it all over the place.

            > so she can get attention.

            Lie. Attention is stressful, and I clearly was not seeking it. I was not dressed to be seen.

            > You say you can take criticism, yet you have proven that false in everything I have seen from you.

            Lie. I prove it true in my responses to criticism. I prove it true by approving comments like yours.

            > Please get professional help.

            Already done. Jenna at Fight the Fines is a very helpful professional. I’m in touch with other legal professionals as well.

            > This is not about thr vaccine.

            The post is not about the vaccine, but the mass fraud is about the vaccine. Your comment is the first time ‘vaccine’ has appeared on this page, in the post or in the comments.

            > If you don’t want to, don’t. That is your choice.

            Injection is becoming less and less a free choice. Not only are people being misinformed about the risks of accepting it and the need for it in the first place, they are being coerced by employers and agents of governments worldwide.

            > But please stop harassing those that made the choice for health and live in reality.

            Agree. Harassment of people for declining unwanted medical treatment, including masking and injections, must end.

            > This poor manager of a corporate runner business had to enforce the rules

            Lie. The manager is not a victim. He did not enforce the rules, he blatantly violated the rules. Why are you commenting without having read the post?

            > to keep his employees healthy as per the Health and Safety act

            Lie. He refused the police deescalation strategy, which would have caused me to immediately and voluntarily leave the premises. Read the post.

            > and all you do is harass and borderline assault people

            Lie. Nowhere close. I harassed no one, and came nowhere near assaulting anyone. Read the post.

            > This past year I have ignored every bit of your ignorance, despite popping up everywhere with nonsense.

            You clearly have a habit of ignoring the information in front of you.

            > Freedom works both ways.

            Agree: freedom to give informed consent to medical treatment, and freedom to withhold it.

            > You do not have a free “earth pass” that lets you do anything you want.

            lmfao, what is this? What are you talking about? I’ve never heard of an “earth pass.” I also made my legal argument clear and explicit, with references. Read the post.

            > I’m not sure if you are deliberate with your shocking lack of awareness in the world, or if there is a mental illness causing your delusions

            Lie. I am clearly aware of the situation. You’re using a personal attack instead of addressing my claims because you have no basis to claim I’m deluded.

            > Please get help for yourself and for your family.

            Again, already done. I’m in touch with several helpful legal professionals. I’m also pretty okay at helping myself and my family independently.

            > For everyone else, this is not about vaccinations,

            Again, the post is not about the vaccine, but the mass fraud is about the vaccine. You are the only one bringing up vaccines here.

            > it is a call to stop encouraging harmful behavior

            Please stop encouraging discrimination and bullying. These are harmful behaviours.

            > and promoting mental health services

            State-funded and allopathic-centred mental health services tend not to be helpful or effective for most people. This is, though. Give it a whirl.

            > so people like her stop attacking innocent people

            Lie. I have confronted, exposed and criticized those who have knowingly discriminated against me.

            > who do not want to get caught up in her drama and agenda.

            Lie. I wanted my items. I did not seek “drama and agenda.” Read the post.

  9. Bob Reply

    You all need to get a life. Go get vaxxed, wear a mask and live your life.

  10. Jay Reply

    The OHRC has said no creed forbids mask usage so if you can prove them wrong then please file a complaint so we can all take our masks off and say we practice vipassana, you’d be a nationwide hero! They do require you prove a medical exemption though, the cases I’ve seen that have come to them they asked for proof and the people didn’t provide it so they dismissed the case

    • Currie Reply

      The OHRC has said that direct beliefs about masking and about the covid scandal do not constitute a creed. The OHRC has not ruled on whether Buddhism and other spiritualities involving mindfulness meditation (vipassana, anapanasati, ascension, etc) are bases of creed exemption from masking.

      The idea that the opinion of a medical professional necessarily overrides an individual’s perspective of their own health needs is highly questionable. Non-medical-professionals are not second class citizens, medical professionals are not judge, jury or inquisitor, and medical consent requirements are based on the understanding that individuals have the final say on their own bodies.

  11. So much laughter Reply

    Watching you bloviate for 48 paragraphs about how you got predictably arrested for dismissing private businesses rules was hilarious. The absolute lack of actual knowledge you have about just about everything you claim to be a knowledgeable person on is so obvious, the more you try to defend it. And these supposed interactions that you claim are ‘foggy’ and yet you go into several paragraphs of detail and have conversations that real human beings dont have when they arent written by a university dropout. I look forward to watching the judge laugh your pathetic stories out of court. Also, stop trying to dance around the race issue, we know you’re racist. Dont backpedal to try and act like you’re oppressed for being white.

    • Currie Reply

      Thanks for reading the whole thing. Try reading it again, paying attention this time. You haven’t tried to substantiate your criticisms because they are empty and reaching.

      I have witnessed, both online and in person, detractors attacking protesters for being white, and associating being white with being diseased. People who consume government propaganda without thinking are consuming critical race theory alongside promotions of medical tyranny, as these are both significantly woven into dominant media narratives. A person who supports medical tyranny is relatively more likely to also support the racial bigotry touted in critical race theory because the two perspectives are interwoven by dominant propaganda. As I said, it is a possibility that racial bigotry, and racial blame, may have played a role in the way I was treated by this manager at Staples.

      Any claim that a person can’t be subjected to racial bigotry because they are of a particular race is in itself a racially bigoted claim.

      I have provided sufficient clarification of my viewpoint. Go relax.

  12. CAS Reply

    Are you not at all concerned about CAS investigating you, your home, your husband? I’m really not trying to be facetious.

    • Currie Reply

      Of course I am: CAS is an insufficiently regulated, overpowered, easily weaponized non-governmental organization. Several people, including one in a professional position whose help I was seeking, have made false CAS calls in retribution for allegations I have made against abusers in the medical field. Fortunately, CAS has some ability to detect malicious false calls, and called me last year to warn me that they were receiving them. More recently, I phoned them to warn them that they may receive more false calls about me, due to a hate page on facebook encouraging its followers to make false calls. I’m concerned but not really afraid — I am confident in my and my husband’s ability to defend our child from CAS.

  13. Melanie Reply

    Omg if you know you can make a human rights complaint against staples and you know that you’re guaranteed to win please do it! Not a single complaint has gone through yet against any company this would be a huge victory, beyond huge, for our cause! It could bring down all this medical tyranny!

  14. Ted Sauve Reply

    “The Trespass to Property Act does not apply if the reason for denial of service is an OHRC protected ground, and only applies to those ‘not acting under a right or authority conferred by law.’”

    That is incorrect. It amazes me that hours of googling have made you both a doctor and a lawyer now. You don’t have to be doing something illegal to trigger subsection (c) and whether there by law or not, when asked to leave a premises you must do so. It’s really that simple. Good luck with your case.

    • Currie Reply

      You are not paying attention to what has been said. Read the post again. And then read this. I never said you have to be doing something illegal in order for any element of the Trespass to Property Act to apply. You don’t appear to know what a right conferred by law is.
      I have never claimed to be a doctor or a lawyer. No one needs to be a doctor to understand their health, or a lawyer to understand their rights.

      • Ted Sauve Reply

        I’ve followed your rabbit hole, and the *5 notation. It doesn’t change the fact that your interpretation of the act is wrong. You lose the “right” once you have been asked to leave, whether you had legality to be there. Your statement in quotes, is incorrect. I encourage you to debate this and have it explained to you.

        • Currie Reply

          What you’re saying doesn’t make sense, and you’re not backing it up with evidence. “You lose the ‘right’ once you have been asked to leave,” is just another way of saying, “You lose the right when any old schmuck decides you lose the right.” That’s not how rights work. That you put ‘right’ in quotation marks is also suspect, since it suggests you don’t even believe in rights. Thank you for sharing your opinion, but I’ve been given no reason to believe you. I am already debating, that’s what I’ve been doing with you here. You’re losing.

          Also see the Police Services Act. Specifically this.

          • Ted Sauve

            You nitpicking how I use quotation marks doesn’t bolster your argument. I use quotation marks around the word regarding *your* quoting “not acting under right or authority”. Sorry I short formed it. I’m a 17 year practicing paralegal. I see you also have a law student as well telling you your interpretation of the law is incorrect. Many provincial and federal laws are subject to interpretation and thats what judges do so I don’t blame you for engaging, but the fact remains that this is a difficult charge to fight because the property owner or representative needs zero reason to enact it, discrimination or no discrimination present. As you point out, nothing is predictive of your situation ie I don’t believe any of you. So, please update us after your court case is settled.

          • Currie

            Noticing is not nitpicking. Thank you for clarifying your meaning.

            “this is a difficult charge to fight because the property owner or representative needs zero reason to enact it, discrimination or no discrimination present.”
            I keep reading this in these comments, but I’m still waiting for the evidence/precedent.

            “As you point out, nothing is predictive of your situation ie I don’t believe any of you.”
            I have not said this. I said a short story written by one commenter without a link is not predictive of my situation, and I explained why.

            If you want to be believed, provide evidence. I don’t change my perceptions for credentialism or appeals to authority, especially in a thread of essentially anonymous commenters.

  15. Michael Reply

    As a 4th year law student I can confirm what that guy said about the trespass act is correct, if you’re on private property and are asked to leave and you do not you are trespassing. In a scenario where you’re being asked because of a form of discrimination then the onus is on you to file a human rights complaint against them, if you refuse to leave and escalate the situation then they can charge you with trespassing because of that and claim that it wasn’t discriminatory, it was because of your actions. To date, the OHRC has required that you prove you are being discriminated against, such as medical documentation when a human rights complaint has been filed against a company due to mask exemptions, a local case against Habitat For Humanity being an example which was dismissed for lack of proof.
    If you can prove that you’re exempt then I encourage you to file a compliant against Staples because you would set precedence and could change how governments handle situations like this in the future.

    Good luck with your complaint,


    • Currie Reply

      Please provide a source/precedent showing that the Ontario Human Rights Code does not describe rights conferred by law as referenced in the Trespass to Property Act.

      Edit: I mean what about the Police Services Act? Specifically this.

  16. Michael Reply

    To date everyone that has been fined for trespassing after being asked to leave for not wearing a mask the fines have held up., as a reference I’ll use valerie ann foley in Vancouver. I believe in February she was asked to leave the subway and she refused. The police were called and she made a scene and at that point the subway commission decided to issue a trespass order against her and she still refused to leave and the police had to handcuff her and forcibly remove her from the subway train. Her fine was upheld in court in May. Again, I implore you since you claim you can win a human rights claim against staples that you do so

    • Currie Reply

      I don’t know the arguments of this woman’s case, the basis of her exemption, whether ‘made a scene’ is just victim blaming, or whether the ruling was in keeping with the law. Nothing here is predictive about my situation.

  17. Muhamed Reply

    The manager may have had a racial bias against you for being white? Maybe he heard about when you stated that the young black man that died last year of covid was more likely a drug overdose because of his demographic

    • Currie Reply

      That’s not what I said (and even if if was, it’s not an excuse to discriminate). That people are so eager to misrepresent me as racially bigoted is more evidence of the presence of racial bigotry against Europeans.

      What I said was this. A selection: “Mr. James’s underlying condition was likely a severe Vitamin D deficiency: darker skin has greater difficulty metabolizing sufficient Vitamin D from sunlight in less equatorial areas, and Vitamin D is crucial for immunity. If hospital staff didn’t know that, that’s a failure on their part. (All of this is assuming he died from, not merely with, C19.)”

      Melanin is a scientifically known factor in vitamin D deficiency, and thus immunity. My claims about this — and I stand behind them still — are purely scientific and evidence-based.

      I created the “Vitamins for the Vulnerable” initiative in order to distribute Vitamin D to people who need it, including darker skinned people. At protests and during marches, in winter, I personally delivered packets of vitamin D to darker-skinned people to help boost their immunity.

      • Jay Reply

        When one of Currie’s group passed away because of suicide, the one and only comment was “Out of respect for the family…” Only a mention of the passing. With mental health being such an issue, you would think she would have addressed it. Apparently, this black family doesnt deserve Currie’s respect.

        • Currie Reply

          I don’t use death as clickbait. State and legacy media does, especially when the death can be used to support a desired divisive/oppressive narrative. I can hardly tell what your issue is. You’re not really making sense.

          • Jay

            You have used death as clickbait and you know exactly what I mean. Playing dumb is over. The “99%” are getting very tired of it.

          • Currie

            No, I have not, and that’s why you’re not substantiating your claim with any evidence.

  18. ben weigl Reply

    and yet another link for everyone’s convivence :O) maybe all police and bylaw and businesses of Windsor Essex need to read these links from

    Quote: Further if a business does not allow for your exemption the business would be commiting the offense and could be fined under the reopening ontario act.

    • Currie Reply

      Hey Ben! The forum needs more topics and I’m swamped with activities. Would you like to contribute there in addition to here? (Not in any way ‘shooing’ you from comments. But you’re honestly one of the most involved supporters at the site right now. And the forum needs conversation starters. If you can help in that area I’d really appreciate it!)

      (I like this idea of turning the tables on businesses. I want business to thrive, especially small and local business, but large corporations violating our rights might need to be reined in.)

  19. ben weigl Reply

    sure i can try, how do i go about it. as long as there is a way to vet my topics. ie maybe a topic idea i have doesn’t necessarily fit or something, also since i mentioned hydroxy on facebook im banned from there a long time ago including twitter. thats why im glad you all have this forum, let me know through email.

  20. Melanie Reply

    Firstly, you may want to educate yourself on what communism actually entails as it’s evident that aren’t educated in the matter.

    Secondly, in your statement :
    “Officers handcuffed me and told me I was being arrested for trespassing. I refused to leave voluntarily. Officers dragged me from the store by the upper arms.”

    You clearly left out the fact that you said “I’ve always wanted to do this!” and fell to the floor. You truly are bigoted and insensitive towards every family that has been impacted by COVID-19.

    Some more meditation might teach you patience, and to see things as they really are but that clearly isn’t working.

    • Currie Reply

      I am very educated about what communism entails — objectively educated, from outside the cultism. I doubt your understanding of communism is any less muddied than your understanding of bigotry. Hint: ‘bigoted’ doesn’t mean “opinions that trigger me by opposing my worldview.”

      I haven’t spoken or behaved in ways reasonably considered insensitive toward families impacted by C-19, that is, the people whose suffering you are weaponizing to vilify me for defending my human rights (the sort of tactic an actual bigot uses).

      Because this isn’t actually about me, I left out several things. I left out the fact that when the officers asked if I had any weapons I said, “Just my words,” to tip my hat toward Maxime Bernier’s same response when he was arrested for campaigning; and then when they told me to walk I said, “You’ll have to carry me.”

      I never fell to the floor, I was pulled near to the floor and dragged. Witnesses shouldn’t lie.

      While I was being dragged out the door, I kept my spirits up by talking about crossing this experience off my bucket list, leaving learning to shoot a gun at a range still in my future.

      I didn’t mention these things in the post because, again, this isn’t actually about me, and words I uttered for myself in an effort to keep my own spirits up are not useful to others, politically or legally.

  21. Kay Reply

    Scumbags smdh. Imagine living in a time where….oh wait…here we are. Keep up the good work Currie. People pull strength from people like you. ❤

  22. Jessica Reply

    I love you currie!! Stay safe and keep fighting for your choose, your body. Everyone else that doesn’t understand that this will never stop until we all say no and that are blaming the people that are just trying to live there life’s but are being forced to participate in the events of this false pandemic are lacking knowledge and need to look into what your “loving” goverment and health organizations are really doing here. The state of emergency has been revoked on June 9 2021 ( ) but don’t worry the politicians that most people are looking up too and are following have put an act to keep us in this state of living. How about we blame the right people for doing wrong now so all this can be over with. We need to spreed so love in these dark time and no more fear nor hate.
    Thank you currie for sharing your story ❤ wish the best for you and everyone being attacked/ discriminated in these times. I have love forever one please be kind to one another !

  23. Del Mathurin Reply

    Rights and freedoms only matter when they’re yours.

    The other people. The managers, employees at the stores you terrorize. Their rights and freedoms mean nothing to you.

    They do have the right to work safely. And the manager or owner of the store who is in charge, not only has the “right” to refuse to serve you in the store if you are putting them or their employees at risk…. they also have the “duty” to do so, and will receive fines and discipline themselves, for not enforcing the mask mandate in their retail space.

    You intentionally exploited that, because you know that either they will keep quiet to keep the peace and you’ll get to go shopping… or else they will give you the confrontation and drama you crave by asking you to comply with public health regulations…. it’s a win win for you every time you leave the house.

    Also, you brought “kiddo” along for your drama. Public altercations and interactions with police, watching police “drag” their mother etc. Is emotionally distressing to a child, and in my view, you intentionally subjected your child to that for “likes and shares”… which is deplorable, to be honest. And I think, your kiddo “should” be apprehended by CAS. Luckily for you they aren’t interested in helping child victims of mental and emotional abuse. So carry on then.

    IP block is what happens when you have no further argument. 😉

    • Currie Reply

      It’s as though you visited this post solely to go out of your way to lie about what happened.

      > Rights and freedoms only matter when they’re yours. The other people. The managers, employees at the stores you terrorize. Their rights and freedoms mean nothing to you.

      Absolutely false. I have not threatened or violated anyone else’s rights. I write and argue, and engage in activism, to help protect the rights of others along with my own rights.

      At one point in the discussion, one of the officers look personal offense that I had mentioned that my meditation practice soothes post-traumatic symptoms, because he had PTSD himself. I told him that I believe his rights should be just as respected as mine. And I do believe that. But I do not believe police should play Oppression Olympics to manipulate targets of discrimination.

      > They do have the right to work safely.

      Yes they do, and I do not pose a threat to that right by showing my face in public. I am not sick, I am not contagious, and if I was, a mask would not protect anyone. And if I was threatening others by showing my face in public in spite of all this, that wouldn’t be something to reprimand me for, that would be something to take up with the government and the law, which as I showed, acknowledges and respects exemptions, in accordance with our legally established human rights.

      The manager gave no indication whatsoever that he believed I was a threat to his safety. In fact he showed that he did not believe I was a threat, as he refused the police deescalation attempt that would have led me to immediately exit the store.

      > And the manager or owner of the store who is in charge, not only has the “right” to refuse to serve you in the store if you are putting them or their employees at risk….

      He had no right to refuse me. I have demonstrated this. Read the post. I was putting no one at risk. You’re accusing others of putting people at risk by not putting cloth over their mouth and nose to inhibit their own breathing by default. It’s absolutely insane. Listen to yourself.

      > they also have the “duty” to do so, and will receive fines and discipline themselves, for not enforcing the mask mandate in their retail space.

      The law is on my side. The mask mandate acknowledges exemptions, which means that to enforce the mask mandate is to respect stated exemptions as written in the mandate. I have demonstrated this. Pay attention. Read the post. Read the references. Stop wasting people’s time. Any fine received by a business for following the mandate and law would be rare, and would be overturned in court, which is why ever more businesses are choosing to follow the law by respecting exemptions.

      > You intentionally exploited that, because you know that either they will keep quiet to keep the peace and you’ll get to go shopping

      That’s not exploitation, you nut! These are my clear, evidenced, and reasonable human rights. Do you read what you write? You’re accusing me of being exploitative for expecting to shop normally like a normal person in line with the law and in keeping with the mask exemption acknowledgment posted on the store’s front door. Read the post. Read the comments. Read the content. You are driven to twist and misrepresent the situation to defame me. Get yourself together. Get a life.

      >or else they will give you the confrontation and drama you crave

      “Attention whore” is victim blaming for bullies. I clearly did not ‘crave’ this sort of conflict. The whole reason I’m involved in activism is because this sort of conflict is painful, demeaning, degrading, and often illegal. It’s wrong. When wrong things happen, I try to stand up to them. This has been stressful and somewhat traumatic for me. This is a new type of war. I have to fight because I understand what sorts of consequences result from societal normalization of human rights violations.

      > by asking you to comply with public health regulations

      This was not “asking,” manipulator. This was bullying, lying, intimidation, force, and assault. Further, the purpose was to convince me to accept a violation of public health regulations. And further, there is no rational such thing as ‘public health.’ There is sanitation, and there is health, which is private. ‘Public health’ is a means of enforcing tyrannical collectivism. Almost every single thing you say is wrong. It’s kind of incredible.

      > it’s a win win for you every time you leave the house.

      I haven’t won until peace and justice are achieved.

      > Also, you brought “kiddo” along for your drama

      Lunacy. I brought him along because I wasn’t about to hunt down a babysitter for a quick shopping trip to grab a few stationery items. It’s also good for people to leave their homes, go out in society, do things, seek new experiences. Even children!

      > Public altercations and interactions with police, watching police “drag” their mother etc. Is emotionally distressing to a child,

      Yes. That the police were upsetting a small child is another reason they should have decided against bullying us. Fortunately Kiddo didn’t see them drag me out of the store. By that point, he was in the car with his father. People who read the post know this. Read the post. Pay attention.

      > and in my view, you intentionally subjected your child to that for “likes and shares”…which is deplorable, to be honest.

      That is your view because you feel irrational cold hatred for me, because I challenge your unhealthy worldview.

      In my view, you are clearly enjoying the experience of allowing sensations of smug hatred to direct your thoughts and determine your beliefs.

      > And I think, your kiddo “should” be apprehended by CAS.

      My child should have his mother and father taken away from him because they were bullied by police? That is something a monster believes. Look at yourself. Really look at yourself. For a long time. And then do it again.

      > Luckily for you they aren’t interested in helping child victims of mental and emotional abuse. So carry on then.

      Unfortunately, in my experience, I agree that they often fail to help victims, and are used as weapons instead. Used as weapons by hateful monsters like you, who are ideologically motivated to make false accusations to disrupt families. Fortunately, CAS does try to detect fakes, and sometimes succeeds.

      > IP block is what happens when you have no further argument.

      IP block is what happens when hateful people pry into my private life and personal vulnerabilities to bully me with blatantly unsubstantiated accusations of having ulterior motives, without making meaningful political or legal arguments in the first place. And now IP block is going to happen to you.

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