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Get Involved in Windsor’s Freedom Movement

There’s a lot to do in Windsor to oppose — and ultimately overturn — the abusive Covid-19 measures that our municipal, provincial and national (and world?) governments are trying to force on us. Here is a growing list of the ways you can help. (Page is under construction.)

Freedom at the Flag! Saturdays, 2PM

We meet at the Great Canadian Flag on Windsor’s riverfront, found at the intersection of Ouellette avenue and Riverside drive, every Saturday at 2:00PM. We held a few demonstrations in late 2020, and have continued weekly since the start of 2021.

Typical protest schedule: At 2PM we have a speaker lineup, sometimes an open mic, music and socializing. Then by 3PM we take to the street and make some noise. Usually we follow Ouellette to Erie, near the Health Unit (WECHU). Then we turn around and head back down Ouellette to the Flag. Sometimes we stay on the sidewalk, sometimes we take the road, often with a leading vehicle. Canadians have the right to protest in the street.

Print and Distribute Flyers

Please do take initiative to print some copies, share them around and post them up as you please. Every flyer helps. Share the PNGs all over social media, every week if you can.

The Great Demonstration Continues (Full page flyer for all Saturdays at the Flag): PDF | PNG
Freedom Rally ‘Strip Flyers’ (4 stips per page. Requires cutting. Great for card stock or coloured paper.): PDF

We Don’t Snitch On Our Neighbours (Full page window sign): PDF | PNG

Become a Protest Promoter

A stellar way to help is by taking videos and photos of protests, and sharing them on social media and youtube. Link us to your content so we can draw more attention to it! Contact form / Forum

We’re also building promo teams. Here’s how our in-person strategy works so far:
– A team of about five to ten people chooses a busy location.
– Good locations include intersections during rush hour, or places with high foot traffic.
– The team spends a couple hours there, one weekday per week.
– Team members carry signs, greet strangers, and hand out flyers to everyone they can.
– Please be careful not to impede traffic.
– Get creative! Draw attention. Wear a costume, a ballgown, a bikini. Be a friendly spectacle.
– Pick up more flyers, and also borrow signage and matching coloured hats, at the Flag on Saturdays.

If you have your own plan for doing some promotion, go for it! Scroll up a bit to find downloads of our promotional materials: PDFs to print, and images to share around on social media. We invite you to us know what you’re doing so we can support you (and borrow your ideas).

Join the Promo effort here!

Rewards, like pizza parties, prize draws and/or pool parties, are in the planning stages.

Speak or Perform at the Flag

We’re always looking for speakers, as well entertainment (comedy and music especially) for both our weekly protests and our big monthly rallies.

What we’re looking for in our speakers:
– C-19-affected professionals of all kinds: line workers, lawyers, cashiers, doctors, nurses, PSWs, teachers, bus drivers, police officers, politicians, firefighters, lab techs, religious leaders, etc
– Data geeks. If you study the C-19 graphs, numbers and data produced and used by the government, please show us what you’ve got!
– Science geeks. If you pore over published science and love the scientific method, we’d love to hear what you’ve found related to C-19.
– Bring your best facts and knowledge, especially as relevant to your experience with C-19 measures, either in your field or in your personal research.
– Show your passion for truth and justice!
– A concise, 5-7 minute talk, with some degree of pre-planning.
– It’s normal to feel nervous. It takes practice to get comfortable speaking in public. We’re here for you, we need you and we appreciate you.

What we’re looking for in a performer:
– We love having someone to open rallies by singing the national anthem.
– Most if not all genres of music are welcome.
– Sing a song or two, tell jokes, host a quiz game, busk.

Please use the Contact Form to get in touch!

Become a Druthers helper

Druthers is a free Canadian newspaper, dedicated to questioning the C-19 narrative and spreading truth. Currie is the main Druthers distributor for Windsor. She receives around ten thousand newspapers per month, and she needs help distributing them to readers throughout the area.

There are three ways you can help:

1) Become a Sub-Distributor.
– Near the start of each month, pick up bundles of papers as well as flyers from Currie, and distribute them to all deliverers within your given area. (Town or Ward)
– Keep in touch with the deliverers in your area: know how many bundles they want each month, and what streets/areas they will be covering.
– Help deliverers avoid accidentally overlapping their routes.
– You’ll need to have your own vehicle for this.
Become a Druthers Sub-Distributor here!

2) Become a Deliverer.
– On the first day of each month, let your area’s sub-distributor know how many bundles you would like to deliver, and where you plan to deliver them.
– Accept bundles of papers, as well as flyers, from your area’s sub-distributor.
– Deliver individual papers to homes, businesses and people on the street.
– Deliver the papers along with any flyers provided. Place the flyers inside the papers, or simply deliver the flyers alongside them.
– Keep your sub-distributor updated on any changes to your route, the number of bundles you can deliver, or other needs.
Become a Druthers Deliverer here!

Rewards, like pizza parties, prize draws and/or pool parties, are in the planning stages.

3) Donate to Druthers
As a free newspaper, Druthers runs on donations. You can donate directly to Druthers here.

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