Freedom @ the Flag: “I got my shot!”

Gathering at the vaccine selfie station for our shots.

May 22, 2021 — A hot day at the Flag! We had a case of bottled water to share, lots of good vibes, and music by Keith Stiner. Then: a fun detour to the nearby vaccination center for some selfies. Dr. Friend joined us to inject all volunteers, and then injected himself. Oops!

Listen to Keith Stiner’s song, “Turn on the Music / Turn off the News.

Watch Henry’s full video of our field trip to the Selfie Station.

Food for thought:

Is it really worth risking a negative reaction (“adverse event”), to vaccinate against a virus with a death rate as low as C-19’s? You be the judge!

You are the judge of whether a given treatment is worth the risk of its side effects. You and only you decide whether any given medicine belongs in your body. Whatever the safety and efficacy of a C-19 vaccine, whether you accept it must be left up to you. Treatment must be administered with consent, free of coercion in any form. Coercion includes social pressure (even selfie stations fueling social media virtue signalling), pressure by medical workers, pressure by employers, and pressure by enforced masking. Most glaringly, medical coercion includes government lockdown policies contingent on vaccination rates.

Join in:

We’re still looking for help distributing the May issue of Druthers in Windsor and Essex County. Contact Currie at curriejean[at] and we’ll make a plan to get a bundle into your hands.

Join Windsor’s freedom rallies at the Great Canadian Flag on the riverfront, every Saturday at 2PM. Bring a sign and bring a smile!


3 comments on “Freedom @ the Flag: “I got my shot!””

  1. Ben Weigl Reply

    Just a thank you as usual, I want to thank everyone i have the opportunity to march with when i can, im that guy with the big thank you flag to different organizations which says at the bottom , thank you for fighting for our freedoms when others cant wont or unable to do so. my entire family is still asleep to whats going on and even believe the mainstream media that says its okay to mix the different shots, Ive tryed again and again to get through to them to no avail ,even when i put the evidence before them. My friends and my fellow Canadian patriots that i march with keep me sane and let me know im not alone
    Thanks to Currie, Darryl and Mike for their resilience and keeping the torch of freedom alive in our area

  2. Jay Reply

    If “shedding” is such a concern for you and your followers, why are you hanging out at vaccination clinics?

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