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Hello Karsenio, i never did join gemstone university in the past because you needed bitcoin to join the private society. Ive been playing catch up regards all the information and the stratagy we can now use to step out of the fiction jurisdiction and the world of mandates . I would really like to join you in your work of spreading this message of peace you speak about in the two articles you have kindly shared with everyone. I have joined this forum after reading your posts beause bringing about peace using the higher authority lawfully is the best way in my oppionion to shut down the nonsense without protesting and negating everything you claim and stand on by protesting. Protest and mandate needs to be explained to help people to see what is going on and how they are being tricked into fighting for there rights. All contract is law and force negates contract. Would very muvh like to disscuss more .kind regards :Jason XR-4

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 It's so hard to find solutions to protect ourselves from the corrupt government.  I'm currently waiting to hear back from Gemstone University. I have applied without sending BTC or money. It seems the founder of the Gemstone/ Panterra D'Oro society has teamed up with His Majesty David Joel ( Proclamation of Peace)  to create another private contract association for the sole purpose of protecting our Sovereign Integrity.  
Once a member of Gemstone University your privy to the Status Correction Course and Estate Planning. Since I am not a member, trying to find this information is so hard!  It seems from watching videos that Gemstone University will eventually allow free access to these courses.  Eventually it seems like Proclamation of Peace will eventually offer the status correction course as well.
Researching this information it seems that the Vatican + London + DC Washington are in control of the world. It seems the starting process to correct one status starts with getting the Long Form Certified Birth Certificate 
Once this is acquired the next step would be to get it authenticated by our Secretary of State which would turn this Document into a First in Line Title to YOU. You now own yourself and take back your identity from the State. 
From my research once we were born the birth Certificate is used to create a Security Bond ( in the states this is up to 1 million dollar). The government is to use this for Education, health purposes but instead they invest it and collect interest off of us. Once you Reclaim Your Birth Certificate Title and Authenticate it the next step is becoming a Secured Party Creditor.
We don't have UCC filing forms in Canada we use PPSA forms to fill out to become a secured party Creditor. I have no clue how to fill this paperwork out correctly or how to create an Irrevocable Trust.
Once we create an Irrevocable Trust we put our Birth Certificate Title into the Trust as well as our Estate/House. Once inside the Trust we become Private as well as our House now becomes Private. Once we become Secured Party Creditors we can dismiss debt but I'm not even close to this point, I'm still waiting on my Birth Certificate. 
It seems once you go to Court as a Private National of Canada you are now entitled to your rights because you are a creditor not a debtor.
How does Trump go Bankrupt 6 times and still have all his assets? He is probably using a trust to protect himself. Also the Clinton Foundation is supposedly set up This way through a trust and the elites avoid/ reduce taxes drastically ! 

Hello Karsenio,

Thankyou for all this info, everything you are saying seems to be correct and supports my long time interest of stepping out of the control system. Knowing that we are a part of that system and how it works is i suppose where you have to go in and peacefully to learn how to get out. Not everyone is going to be able to track down a certificate of live Birth .This is more psycological and about knowing who you are than it is looking for an authority to grant you the correct papperwork. You must know you create all the documentation yourself through the postal system and your real life witnesses . Creating a live life claim is somthing many seem to have done that seperates you from your franchised corporate name that you use to opperate in commerce. I have $1 red fox stamps that have a double bar as the dollar symbol that represent pyhiscal gold as payment when you put this live life claim together and send it to yourself properly autoghraphed andnot signed.along with your thumb print over the stamp which is the seal of your authortiy and autonomey. Once that is witnessed by two living men who must also have there own proof of life and sent to yourself through registered mail. You now have a document more powerfull than any issued document form any other authority. You are the authority and the post master of the document. Not only that you did not use fiat to create it. AU= GOLD =Authority.


Check this video out on Patriot Mythology