Demonstration at the WECHU: Where was Dr. Shanker?

Monday’s protest outside the Health Unit was a great success — but why did Dr. Shanker avoid us?

Why the WECHU?

When we responded to pediatrician Huma Kazmie’s media statements about the covid injection on August 3 with a peaceful protest at her office, an area medical coalition released a defamatory statement about us, falsely alleging that we intimidated patients and blocked access to the clinic. In support of these lies, the area’s Acting Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Shanker Nesathurai, asked protesters, in a statement to media, to protest somewhere other than a clinic next time.

So, in spite of the coalition’s defamation and Shanker’s endorsement of it, that is what we diplomatically chose to do. August 15th, we cooperated with Dr. Shanker. We brought our objections to the WECHU instead of a clinic.

In a widely-distributed press release of our own, and in voicemail messages left with a number of WECHU employees, including WECHU CEO Nicole Dupuis and Dr. Shanker himself, we extended a clear and polite invitation to Dr Shanker. We simply invited him to acknowledge our diplomatic cooperation with his request, by coming outside to speak with protesters between 2PM and 6PM.

We waited four hours. Shanker did not show.

Why not?

Shanker was comfortable endorsing a press release by an area medical coalition that served only to further entrench division over these serious issues. He was also comfortable speaking to us through the media. But he was not comfortable speaking with us face-to-face.

“We brought statistical peer reviewed evidence that shows that children are being harmed, so that we could have a compassionate, community-minded conversation about what covid vaccinations should or should not be,” adds participant Don Miller.

Was Dr. Shanker afraid of us?

We brought nothing to the WECHU that a doctor should fear — if he is a compassionate, community-minded and evidence-driven professional.

CTV News Windsor responded:

Winton and Currie attest that it was a pleasure to speak with CTV News Windsor journalists about the protesters’ story, reasons, goals and points of contention.

Full article here: Dozens protest pediatric COVID vaccines outside health unit office.

Thank you for coming down to see us, Bob and Sijia!

AM800 Reacted:

Before the protest began, having received our thorough press release, AM800 responded on their morning show with ignorance, derision, and frankly — absurdity:

“Jokers and jesters”? At least fourteen Canadian doctors, most of them in Southern Ontario, died in July, just as the fourth covid injection was mandated for health workers. The number and timing of these deaths is beyond unprecedented.

Now parents are being told to inject their children with these same under-tested, corruptly approved substances. Where is the long term data on the safety of these injections for children? Answer: there isn’t any. The AM800 morning hosts have chosen to treat the situation as a joke. It is anything but a joke.

“Fourteen young Canadian docs die after getting the shot. Normally would be ~0 over 30 years.” [archive]

“1249 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 847 Dead, After COVID Injection” [archive]

“Breaking: 58 babies who received mRNA COVID-19 vaccines suffered life-threatening adverse events” [archive]

“WARNING: Parents, in God’s name, we plead, under no condition do you inject your child with the COVID injection as it will subvert their innate immune system and can kill them: you can kill your child” [archive]

We care about shielding all children from this danger, no matter who their parents are.

“What mandates?” the AM800 hosts ask. A better question: “What are these people doing on the radio?” The injection is mandated for medical employees, mandated for City of Windsor employees, mandated for some post-secondary students, and pressured for all students. Under current mandates, City Councillors elected this fall who choose to maintain their medical privacy will be excluded from Council chambers.

Currie is one of several coordinators, and while she is running for City Council in Ward 5 this year, and stands to be directly affected by current injection mandates, she does not posture as a “Queen” of anything — but, she says, “Thanks I guess.”

More photos from the day:

“No – experimental – vaccines – for – healthy – kids”

Thank you!

A warm and heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated. You planned, made signs, withstood the hot sun, got the message out by media and megaphone, and looked completely beautiful doing it! If only Dr. Shanker had the guts to come see you in person.

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