Coercion and abuse in Ontario hospitals

The covid-19 scandal is making Ontarians ever more aware of coercion and abuse in Ontario hospitals.

Ontario hospitals cite covid-19 as their reason for now routinely separating patients from their advocates (‘visitors’). Unfortunately, this absence of witnesses makes it easier for medical staff to harm patients.

Reports are mounting that hospitals are using the ‘pandemic’ as an excuse to coerce and even force unwanted medical treatment on patients and visitors — treatment like masking, testing, and injections. Sometimes physical force is used, which (often if not always) constitutes assault. Other times, threats to withhold wanted treatment are used to coerce unwanted and unnecessary treatment. For example: requiring a patient to accept a nasal swab test in order to have surgery, or forcing a labouring mother to wear a mask.

All of this is abusive and is in contravention of Ontario’s Health Care Consent Act.

Reports of such abuse will be found in the Medical Abuse in Ontario category.

If you have experienced medical coercion in an Ontario hospital or other medical facility (that is, any attempt to convince you to accept treatment that you have clearly stated you not want), please use the contact form to share your story.

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