This weekend: Chris Weisdorf legal meeting & New Druthers

Saturday November 13th: Come get your November Druthers at the Flag

Help spread the word in Windsor! We will have bundles of the November Druthers newspapers available for pickup this Saturday at the November Paper Caper. Please grab a bundle and distribute in mailboxes, at friendly businesses, and wherever you can find an open hand. It’s a great issue with a strong message, a message Windsor often chants when marching in the streets, and which Jody Ledgerwood helps make very clear: LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE!

Each bundle contains 100 newspapers. Flyers for upcoming events will be coupled with the papers. Please distribute the flyers outside the papers rather than tucked in, so they aren’t hidden at any point.

We really need your help sharing Druthers and flyers!

Legacy/mainstream media avoids large rallies, and covers small ones to misrepresent our movement as small. We just can’t rely on them to help us get the word out about what we are doing. We need to do it ourselves.

Word of mouth is unreliable. Radio advertising is expensive. The best bang for our buck is in distributing flyers, and for that, we need you.

We are asking you to grab your headphones and go on a purposeful walk for the cause. Flyers get results. This work is a core aspect of the fight, and it’s good for us. Let’s do it this month and keep on doing it!

Please also share this flyer on social media:

Chris Weisdorf will be with us at the November Paper Caper Flag Rally, to give a speech, meet you, and invite everyone the next day’s legal meeting.

Sunday November 14th: Chris Weisdorf hosts an emergency legal meeting to help Windsor fight injection coercion

Sunday’s meeting is extremely important for anyone whose employer who has tried to coerce them to receive the covid injection. Weisdorf will spend hours with Windsorites, giving advice and fielding questions to help us avoid legal pitfalls in the fight to stay employed while maintaining medical privacy, and to seek recourse for employers’ wrongdoings.

With a December deadline, we need to work fast!

Please share this flyer:

Here’s the meeting location via google maps.

A New Brunswick labour board has issued a Cease and Desist against workplace vaccine policies:

It’s an uphill climb, but Canada is winning. This New Brunswick win sets precedent and serves as a roadmap to help guide legal action in the other provinces. Weisdorf is helping Windsor, and all Ontarians, achieve victory. Please join the fight.

Funding is needed. When you attend Weisdorf’s legal meeting, please bring what funds you can, to help the team secure legal representation and professional expert witnesses.

More information below! Chris Weisdorf spoke at Windsor’s October 23rd Freedom Rally, with team members Sharon and Cathy:

See you this weekend!

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