Chris Sky is coming back to Windsor October 23rd, and he’s bringing a ton of energy.

Injection coercion is affecting all of us now. Doctors, nurses, EMS and other care workers are being coerced. Police and firefighters are being coerced. Auto workers are being coerced. Service employees are being coerced. Diners and moviegoers are being coerced. Injection coercion is here, it is criminal assault, and we need to not only weather the storm, but blow away the storm.

And that means we need PEOPLE IN NUMBERS.

We need this community to show up, connect, network, and GROW. We can get through this by sticking together and holding the line against injection coercion until we’re ready for the final phase of the response to this genocidal fraud: JUSTICE. Or as Chris Sky puts it, “Taking out the garbage.”

October 23rd, Windsor’s main downtown street MUST fill with a massive march. And that means we need you!

How to help the rally grow:

  • Join the Facebook event and invite everyone that you can.
  • Share this Facebook post on your wall, and in all relevant FB groups and groupchats.
  • Print and distribute flyers. [High contrast version, or ink saver version.]
  • Talk to people in the streets! Say hello, hand flyers to strangers! It can only get easier, as people keep on waking up to the truth.
  • Share the social media flyer on telegram, gab, gettr, instagram, everywhere.
  • Download the radio ad, and play it on social media, your car stereo, anywhere.

Get creative! Make a sign. Make a spectacle!

Please bring a protest sign for the rally and march. There will a protest sign contest once again. This time, we’ll have prizes to award for first, second and third place. The first place prize includes three books (two of them signed by their authors), a collection of all Druthers newspaper issues to date, stickers, flyers, a gift card, pinback buttons, and other cool stuff.


And may all signs be recognized! <3


Dear newcomers: if you’re not sure why so many are opposing government actions of late, watch this educational video. It’s long but worth it. Very, very worth it:

2030 Unmasked & [mirror download]

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