Chris Sky is coming to Windsor

Lockdown’ll Be Back: Chris Sky to Speak at Windsor Freedom Rally

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Chris Sky will be in Windsor to speak at the Great Canadian Flag on August 28th at 2PM
Chris Sky will be in Windsor to speak at the Great Canadian Flag on August 28th at 2PM.

Lockdown’ll be back. We’ll stand free.

Chris Sky will be in Windsor August 28th to speak out against medical tyranny and the ways it is being used to divide, conquer and oppress populations — and what to do about it.

They’re mandating injections in workplaces, institutions and schools?

They’re imposing an injection passport on Quebec?

They’re STILL expecting people to wear demeaning, unhealthy, oppressive masks?

They’re STILL denying service and violating the rights of the mask exempt?

They’re STILL strangling international travel?


Be at the Great Canadian Flag at 2PM on Saturday August 28th, to hear Chris Sky and other speakers, and then SHOW OUR NUMBERS by marching in protest.

Bring a sign, bring a smile, and BRING EVERYONE THAT YOU CAN.

Stand together in UNITED NON-COMPLIANCE!

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10 comments on “Chris Sky is coming to Windsor”

  1. Leslie Reply

    Why are you hosting the PPC when Chris Sky has revealed Maxime Bernier to be part of the globalists? Whose side are you really on?

    • Currie Reply

      The side I’m on is Windsor’s side. I’m not choosing a side among factions within the freedom movement. It’s not my place to decide for others which speakers on freedom they’re allowed to hear. The people can listen and come to their own conclusions. As for Bernier, I haven’t seen evidence that he is siding with globalists beyond guilt by association, which is too low a bar to convince me.

    • Currie Reply

      Yeah, I should have known better than to trust Bell Media / AM800. Fortunately Blackburn was happy to take the $1300 in donations instead. The ad will start playing on three radio stations tomorrow morning. ^_^

  2. Arch Reply

    Soooooo, did Saturday meet all of your expectations? LOL. I hope he gave some or all of the speakers fee back.

    • Currie Reply

      He asked for a table for his merch, a good sound system, and a bottle of water. I’d rather he not give back any of the water he drank. 😛
      (Saturday exceeded my expectations. 2,000 people! Incredible day. Look at this. Wow.)

    • Currie Reply

      Shoot, have we talked by now? I’ve suddenly met like 3 new Vics, and I don’t remember the last names. Shoot me an email or use the site form. I like planning

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