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Remembrance in Windsor: Please stand as an example of freedom by attending maskless.

“Remembrance Day Service:November 11, at 11 am. Representatives of the WVMSC, pre-registered wreath bearers, and government officials will attend the cenotaph in Windsor for an outdoor service, observing all public health guidelines for in-person gatherings. Spectators are welcome to attend in person and are asked to protect vulnerable guests, including local veterans, by respecting best practices […]

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Regarding Eric Hern, Chris Sky, and the power of small activism

Regarding Eric Hern, Chris Sky, and the power of small activism It can take only one toxic person to weaken a movement. Natural immunity to this is found in transparency, firm boundary setting, a strong organic community, and the f-word: FUN. I first met Eric Hern in London on October 16th, having been invited to […]

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Responding to Injection Coercion

The following text was taken from the notes I prepared for a CTV interview this morning. I spoke to CTV in detail about the law and our rights as described below, especially the fact that doctors have a professional, ethical and legal obligation to recognize non-consent to treatment.Here is the segment CTV aired. They used […]

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