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Windsor is ready to rock the riverfront with Chris Sky

What a day! Winton and Jason took the boat out: (They’ll be back on the river again Thursday morning, August 26th, at ten o’clock. Watch for the boat between the Ambassador Bridge and the Peace Fountain. Bring your camera!) Then when Currie asked CTV to cover it, she got invited to do an interview. And […]

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Responding to Injection Coercion

The following text was taken from the notes I prepared for a CTV interview this morning. I spoke to CTV in detail about the law and our rights as described below, especially the fact that doctors have a professional, ethical and legal obligation to recognize non-consent to treatment.Here is the segment CTV aired. They used […]

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A Tecumseh Home Hardware store (1613 Lesperance Road)

An Open Letter to Home Hardware

To whom it may concern at Home Hardware, A Tecumseh Home Hardware store (1613 Lesperance Road) may be creating a hostile and even dangerous work environment for its employees and customers, making Home Hardware vulnerable to potential legal action. I’d like to bring a facebook post to your attention: The co-owner of this store, […]

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Here’s what happened when I went to a Windsor Staples

Here’s what happened when I went to a Windsor Staples I was falsely arrested for trespassing at a Windsor Staples because I defended my mask exemption from a vexatious manager. Windsor Police intimidated, manhandled, incarcerated, and ticketed me. They did this despite the law, despite the manager’s overt bigotry, and despite the notice posted on […]

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Windsor mosque exempt from gathering limits?

A local mosque has over a hundred cars without issue, yet other denominations and their leaders are targeted by by-law and other enforcement, including famously Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who was carried into a police vehicle by his feet and hands after having been stopped on a highway. While, like Beth below, I believe everything should […]

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Luis Mendez, owner of two True Fitness locations in Windsor

Windsor gym owner follows rules, is punished anyway

A Windsor gym owner has been presented with a court summons despite transparent attempts to adhere to the ‘Reopening Ontario Act.’ Ford’s ‘Reopening Ontario Act’ was recently amended to allow sports & rec facilities to open to people with disabilities. Luis Mendez, owner of two True Fitness locations in Windsor, opened his gyms specifically for […]

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