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This weekend: Chris Weisdorf legal meeting & New Druthers

Saturday November 13th: Come get your November Druthers at the Flag Help spread the word in Windsor! We will have bundles of the November Druthers newspapers available for pickup this Saturday at the November Paper Caper. Please grab a bundle and distribute in mailboxes, at friendly businesses, and wherever you can find an open hand. […]

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‘I DO NOT CONSENT’ temporary tattoos give kids and parents a voice

We know children are not meaningfully at risk of covid death. We know moneyed powers are working hard to inject them anyway. We know these moneyed powers don’t care about consent, nor mounting evidence of severe side effects — that’s why politicians and bureaucrats are telling breadwinners across the country to get injected or starve. […]

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Patronage not welcome; The “business” of segregation in Ontario, Canada

New independent journalism from James Green: ‘Patronage not welcome; The “business” of segregation in Ontario, Canada’ Produced by The Video Agent, “The Rendezvous” looks at how new Provincial mandates are negatively effecting the lives of many Canadians. Watch as host James Green gets caught right in the middle of the mayhem! Notice of Liability for […]

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