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Here’s what happened when I went to a Windsor Staples

Here’s what happened when I went to a Windsor Staples I was falsely arrested for trespassing at a Windsor Staples because I defended my mask exemption from a vexatious manager. Windsor Police intimidated, manhandled, incarcerated, and ticketed me. They did this despite the law, despite the manager’s overt bigotry, and despite the notice posted on […]

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Allegation of abuse at Joseph Brant hospital in Hamilton, Ontario

Allegation of abuse at Joseph Brant hospital: When a woman could not wear a mask because she was sick to her stomach, a nurse tried to use security to intimidate her into complying. When this didn’t work, the nurse withheld treatment in retaliation, in a careless, and possibly violent, manner. Dee writes, No words. These […]

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Canadian Parliament has officially threatened to suspend elections for ‘as long as this pandemic continues.’

On May 25th, Canadian Members of Parliament voted almost unanimously (with the sole exception of Conservative MP Derek Sloan) in support of the opinion that Canadian Elections should be suspended due to Covid-19. As this motion was written only to establish an opinion, it did not in itself suspend elections. Here’s the full text of […]

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