Allegation of abuse at Joseph Brant hospital in Hamilton, Ontario

Joseph Brant hospital in Hamilton, Ontario

Allegation of abuse at Joseph Brant hospital: When a woman could not wear a mask because she was sick to her stomach, a nurse tried to use security to intimidate her into complying. When this didn’t work, the nurse withheld treatment in retaliation, in a careless, and possibly violent, manner.

Dee writes,

No words.

These HEROES had my SISTER rolling on the floor, vomiting, in horrible pain yesterday in the ER. Trying to put a MASK on her while she’s throwing up. Brought FOUR big tough security guards to try to get her to mask up. Her IV fluids & pain meds were PULLED before they were empty. Nasty nurse didn’t even have the sense to close the canula & tossed it pouring into my sister’s lap. Then came the removal of the IV into her hand & had blood dumping out.

SOME HEROES. Should be ashamed of yourselves going along with this ugliness! You do not DESERVE the accolades you’re getting!

Source: Facebook

When asked where this occurred, Dee said, “It was Joseph Brant in Hamilton.”

Needless to say, when her sister had to return to hospital shortly after this incident, she chose a different facility.

If you have experienced medical coercion in an Ontario hospital or other medical facility (that is, any attempt to convince you to accept treatment that you have clearly stated you not want, including masking, testing or injections), please use the contact form to share your story.

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